Info for next of kin

denture information for next of kin

For many denture patients, appointments are made by their family members. If you are a next of kin in this situation, it’s natural to have questions about how to best manage your loved one’s denture needs. We’ve produced this resource to help you understand the process.

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Managing denture care for a loved one

Poorly fitted dentures directly limit the type of food people can eat and make chewing difficult. This can negatively affect confidence, well being and general heath.

We’ve found that many elderly or frail patients delay getting care for their denture needs when they feel well. But when their health deteriorates and they can’t cope as well, the responsibility for good denture care can sometimes fall on a family member of next of kin.

Well fitted and well made dentures have a great impact on a person’s quality of life. So it’s important to seek professional advice on your loved one’s behalf.

A visit to Metro West Denture Clinic is easy

Our practice is located in a small medical centre in Brisbane’s Centenary Suburbs, and is easily accessible from wider Brisbane.

We have two disabled car parks and easy wheelchair (or walker) access just metres from the front door. Our family-owned dentures-only clinic offers a welcoming environment for patients and accompanying family members.

More about our dental prosthetist

Practice owner and dental prosthetist Richard Wellington has extensive experience treating elderly and frail patients for their denture care needs.

He bases treatment recommendations on what he believes a patient can cope with – and on a realistic assessment of a successful treatment outcome.

At all times patients are treated with care and dignity.

If you have any questions or wish to make an appointment, please call us on (07) 3172 3810

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