Cosmetic dentures

True to nature or a celebrity smile

Cosmetic dentures brisbane

Our aim is to get you smiling with ease and confidence. We carefully choose the latest in high quality denture teeth to match size, shape and shade to your individual preference and anatomy.

Metro West Dental Clinic’s experience in setting and arrangement allows us to create smiles that look natural – or what you’d expect in Hollywood. As our focus on cosmetic dentures is on aesthetics, we encourage you to let us know of any extra special requirements you may have.

You won’t need to be embarrassed by a naturally high smile that shows both teeth and gum. Using texturing and tinting techniques, we can make natural looking denture bases for that beautiful smile.

Cosmetic dentures are a form of customised precision denture. Metro West Denture Clinic uses premium materials and the latest advances in clinical and technical methods to make customised precision dentures.

We use sophisticated instrumentation to record your facial information, from oral impressions to individual movements of your jaw and muscles. Using these records, we introduce precision into the construction process.

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