When are dentures needed?

How do you know you need dentures?

 There are some situations that come to mind when thinking about needing dentures, such as reaching old age, but you could also need dentures if your teeth are decaying, you’ve been in a car accident and lost your teeth (or some of them) or you might want them purely for cosmetic purposes.
  • What is a denture.

  • A denture is a prosthetic that replaces teeth that have be removed. It is removed for cleaning. It
  • Complete dentures are for replacement of all the teeth.
  • Partial dentures spaces left by missing teeth. Not only will it restore your smile but will prevent  your other teeth from shifting position and will help you  eat and chew.
  • If your current teeth are in poor condition and the cost of conventional dentistry is prohibitive, dentures which can be made at time of extractions may be a treatment to consider..brisbane denture first denture
  • Dentures are available for anyone who has issues with missing teeth, not just for older people. Often, due to accidents or injuries, resulting in the loss of teeth, younger people have needed to take advantage of the benefits of dentures. Some people may suffer from diseases where there is loss of teeth, they would also be good candidates for dentures too.
  • The benefits of dentures come from restoring a person’s natural smile and look as well as restoring the natural structure of their mouth. Not only does this keep a natural look even when the mouth is closed, it also keeps any remaining teeth from changing position and causing further discomfort or problems. They support the facial muscles and improve chewing abilities.
  • Removing decaying teeth will often remove the source of bad breath due to the bacterial growth that occurs in an infection. Since you will need to eat and speak the rest of your life, having problem teeth removed can lead to enjoyment of foods that you had to give up due to teeth pain. Many people have to forgo cold foods such as ice cream, while others are sensitive to heat, forcing them to eat their food at a cooler temperature than they would like. Having dentures replace these problem teeth allows for the continued enjoyment of foods.
  • Many people think that dentures are an all or nothing deal. However replacing a few missing teeth with partial dentures makes it possible to continue living an enjoyable life and can often help restore self-esteem.
  • The sagging skin and wrinkles around the mouth give the appearance of advanced age. With the proper support, the collapsed appearance of cheeks is eliminated through dentures, making for a more natural facial appearance. Some people might prefer a bridge or other implant, there might be reasons they are not good candidates for such a procedure as well.
  • Another benefit of dentures is that they allow for people to enunciate words better, especially when the missing teeth are in the upper jaw. The pronunciation of sibilant or strident words is easier, especially words beginning with s, sh, ch, and J.
  • Always seek professional advice from a dental prosthetist about whether dentures are right for you. They are your best point of contact when discussing your denture or partial denture needs.

Richard Wellington is a registered dental prosthetist based in the Brisbane Suburb of Jindalee. The practice is well located to service residents of both Brisbane and Ipswich for their denture care needs. If  think you may need dentures for the first time or are having problems with your current dentures call us on 31723810. We offer an no gap consultation to eligible health fund members so that we can asses your individual needs and offer professional advice re your denture needs.

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