Stable Dentures without Implants

 A Case Study

Metro West Denture Clinic is a Brisbane based ” dentures only practice.” People come to us seeking advice and treatment options for a problem. Frequently this problem relates to an unstable, uncomfortable lower full denture. Frequently, they ask, “do I need implants?.” Often the answer is no; “what you need is better dentures.”

Everyone knows that the success of a skyscraper revolves around accurate design and precision engineering. The same applies to dentures. Successful dentures require accurate clinical records and precision in manufacture. Patients can now benefit from an new technique which offers a large percentage of patients, lower dentures with suction.

Making the dentures we fit, gives us clinical and technical control during denture manufacture which is required to ensure the best possible outcome for our patients. Each patient has unique anatomy and jaw relationships. Our knowledge, skill and experience allow us to craft dentures for each patients personal situation. To help us deliver the quality our patients deserve, we continually update skills and knowledge through education and training and investment in the latest technology.

Featured case:

The Problem.

In this features case, patient L presented with relatively new upper and lower dentures. While they didn’t hurt, she experienced extreme frustration and social embarrassment. Her lower denture jumped out  and rattled around when eating or speaking. She used denture adhesive in all social situations. Frustrated she had thought that implants were her only solution. The video shows the upper and lower dentures moving about when she closed and ground around simulating chewing.


Observations: Poor denture design

It was observed that the dentures had not been made in a way that ensured optimal harmony when chewing. Additionally the design of the lower base interfered with the surrounding muscles which further destabilized the denture.


The solution: Better denture design.

New dentures were made. The upper and lower denture teeth were arranged and modified in a manner that ensured harmony when chewing. In particular, attention was given to ensure destabilizing forces on either denture were removed.  Suction was achieved on the lower denture using the new suction effective lower  denture technique.

The result. A very happy patient

Ascetics were improved, the dentures were highly stable and comfortable under  all circumstances.


Implants are not needed in all cases where patients suffer denture instability and discomfort.

Dentures made in balance with the supporting muscles and designed to work in harmony with minimal destabilizing forces, can greatly improve patients quality of life. The suction effective lower denture technique offers a higher level of security as opposed to conventional denture construction.

Closing Information:

Your dentures don’t have to be uncomfortable. At Metro West Denture Clinic we understand that patients want stable dentures which:

  • don’t cause discomfort,
  • don’t jump about when you eat,
  • don’t get food underneath,
  • don’t limit the food you eat,
  • don’t need adhesive for security,
  • don’t impact negatively on your quality of life, and
  • let you you smile, eat and live life with confidence.

How we can help!

  • We bring experience, skill and expertise to denture making and take the time to make the best possible dentures for each patient.
  • We offer a no-gap consultation to patients with eligible health fund membership.
  • We will discuss your past history and current concerns.
  • We will examine your current dentures and your mouth.
  • We will offer advice determined by your unique situation.
  • And we will offer a quote.

Want to know more?

Call on on 07-3172 3810 to book an appointment. It is only after a thorough assessment that we can provide advice and recommendations.






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